Rouvray's forest with open heart

It’s a film to show the beauty of animal’s demeanour, to induce animal’s respect and consideration and to approach biodiversity. You can see scenes very uncommon : a badger bringing leaves to its burrow, a marten upon a broken tree

This film has a menu and 8 chapters ; you can project the whole film and after go to the chapter you choose. It last 44 minutes.

5 years were necessary to take scenes, supposing about 3000 hours, in this forest, located near Rouen in Normandy.

The film has no comment, only a welfare music ; this film touch directly the spectator’s heart to live emotions and feelings.

21 pedagogic documents, 20 illustrations to colour, and 30 drawings also to colour were created to improve the film’s contents. If you buy the film you can take its on this internet site.

This film is for school children, inhabitants near a forest, and every person who enjoy seeing animals. The organisation proposes little journeys in the forest, slides projections to discover animals life's signs.

The black Woodpecker : an intense family life

A film to show the beauty, love and life of the black woodpecker.

At the end of the film, you will see each 4 young black woodpeckers flying out of the nest.

Black woodpecker brooding relay.

Two male deers in Rouvray's forest.

The forest inn-keeper : the black woodpecker build many lodges

A film to show concretely the great part of this bird to increase biodiversity.

The Animal Being

This film last 74 minutes.

There is a shorter film for school children ; it last 34 minutes and différent pedagogic documents to explain animals’ attitude.

The animals are showed in an ethic and spiritual approach.